Cities are places where cultures and languages co-exist and interact. Yet, students and scholars in the fields of social science and foreign language education often study the rich interaction of place and language, two key elements in the construction of social identity, largely in isolation from each other.

This symposium brings together practitioners from across these disciplines in a shared discussion of tools, methods and projects that make use of the city to explore the broad network of flexible linguistic positions and changing identities that characterize the lived realities of cities and their inhabitants.

The day's presentations will highlight practical methods and pedagogical implications of engaging with the city around us to better connect our classes with the world in which our students live.

May 1st, 2015
Columbia University
Lerner Hall, room 555

Video records of this event and the full program are available from the Videos tab above.

Above Left: "Mulberry Street in New York City, ca. 1900" Author unknown. Image in the public domain.
Above Right: "Chinatown manhattan 2009" by chensiyuan. Licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0 from: